Is the HVAC system working properly? Have air ducts been cleaned recently?

Yes. Yes. Yes...our HVAC systems are ready and intact! This has always been the case, nothing new for us. You see, when we first opened the studio (Marina Del Rey/Venice that is) we happened to be in the middle of two amazing restaurants (SCOPA and SUNNY SPOT). Did it ever occur to you while practicing you have never smelled food?! This is because we knew from the very beginning we had to build a full-proof room that would not allow our neighbors to disrupt our deep breathing, oxygenated practices! Though both restaurants are amazing can you imagine what it would be like to have both (one from each side of us) penetrating the room? Yeah...NO GOOD, suffice to say from DAY ONE we’ve been cleaning the air, killing bacteria, viruses, and stank odors ALL ALONG! Our UV lights and our PLASMA AIR system kill all viruses, we have been told COVID19 is included.