Have you identified non-essential high-touch items you will remove or modify?


  1. Touch screen sign in has been removed. You will check-in verbally to confirm your arrival and must PRE-REGISTER prior to attending class. In person reservations are not permitted.

  2. Cash has been suspended, you need to have a valid credit-card on file with a class package, or a monthly membership to attend.

  3. All rentals are currently suspended, only mats and towels can be purchased.

  4. No props: blocks, straps, hand towels will be provided.

  5. All faucets other than the bathroom sinks are suspended. We ask you bring your own water bottle prepared and filled.

  6. Staff will open and close all doors, once in class we ask unless an absolute EMERGENCY you stay on your mat. Exiting once class starts is not permitted, this means you need to bring enough water.

  7. Motion sensor faucets have been installed on all sinks.

  8. Until further notice, lockers and showers are suspended.