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Below is the City of Los Angeles Fitness Center Operations Tool Kit.

We have answered all questions below based on and tailored to our specific studio(s), location(s), and customer demographic(s). Should you have any further questions and or concerns please email us at info@hotyogalosangels.com

Physical distancing:

Have you reconfigured floor plans to ensure fitness machines, workout areas, stationary equipment, are 6 ft apart? Installed physical barriers when that is not possible?

We are back to our regular protocol. Room capacities have been adjusted for safety.

Have you adjusted class capacity and start/end times to ensure appropriate physical distancing?

Yes. Marina Del Rey/Venice maximum capacity is now 40 people per class. Manhattan Beach maximum is 30 people per class. All start/end times will be spaced a minimum of 30 minutes apart for proper cleaning and disinfecting.

Do you have a plan in place to maintain physical distance for customers waiting for classes, equipment, or services?


Entering the building at either studio will only take place 15 minutes before the class starts.

Cleaning and sanitizing:

Have you deep-cleaned your facility?

Yes. We have maintained a professional cleaning crew since we first opened our doors. It is a practice we have always taken seriously and will continue to. Both studios are professionally cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Do you have enough cleaning supplies in inventory?

Yes… plenty...all cleaning materials are used from the CDC/EPA approved list including but not limited to: Bleach, Comet, Lysol, and Purell to name a few.

Do you have a disinfection plan for workout areas, equipment, and common areas? High-touch surfaces?

Yes. Though we have never been considered an equipment based facility, occasional use of blocks and straps does take place. Practitioners are now asked to bring their own props, we will no longer provide them. Floors will be cleaned and disinfected after each class. In addition, our HVAC system uses both a Plasma air Filter and UV lights to keep the room properly circulated and free of bacteria.

Do you have enough cleaning supplies / disinfecting wipes available in common areas?

Yes. disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial soap are all readily available.

Employee health and personal hygiene:

Do you have enough masks, gloves, and other PPE required for employees in inventory?

Yes. All teachers and employees have been provided with both disposable/cloth masks and gloves.

Do you have enough hand sanitizer / hand soap for employees and customers?

Yes. disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial soap are all readily available.

Do you have a plan to screen employees and customers for symptoms before entering the worksite?

Yes. We have a Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer at both locations. New waiver forms are required from all practitioners (both existing and new). Customers who have recently traveled and can’t be verified as local practitioners will not be permitted to practice.

Do you have a response plan in case an employee or customer tests positive?

Yes. We have a direct voicemail and email management@hotyogalosangeles.com to safely and securely report COVID19 cases. Your personal information will not be released, however we are required by the CDC to aid in tracing any and all cases not just limited to teachers and employees. Detailed records will be kept of all persons entering the building.

Facility safety:

Do you have a process to log all employees on site?

Yes. We are a small business and closely monitor all operations. We schedule all classes and shifts in advance, we are aware at all times who is actively employed and on the premises.

Have you identified non-essential high-touch items you will remove or modify?


  1. Touch screen sign in has been removed. You will check-in verbally to confirm your arrival and must PRE-REGISTER prior to attending class. In person reservations are not permitted.

  2. Cash has been suspended, you need to have a valid credit-card on file with a class package, or a monthly membership to attend.

  3. All rentals are currently suspended, only mats and towels can be purchased.

  4. No props: blocks, straps, hand towels will be provided.

  5. All faucets other than the bathroom sinks are suspended. We ask you bring your own water bottle prepared and filled.

  6. Staff will open and close all doors, once in class we ask unless an absolute EMERGENCY you stay on your mat. Exiting once class starts is not permitted, this means you need to bring enough water.

  7. Motion sensor faucets have been installed on all sinks.

  8. Until further notice, lockers and showers are suspended.

Have you posted signs to remind employees and customers of best practices? Where will they be posted?

Yes. Posters are clearly posted and marked upon entry and various strategic places throughout the studio.

Is the HVAC system working properly? Have air ducts been cleaned recently?

Yes. Yes. Yes...our HVAC systems are ready and intact! This has always been the case, nothing new for us. You see, when we first opened the studio (Marina Del Rey/Venice that is) we happened to be in the middle of two amazing restaurants (SCOPA and SUNNY SPOT). Did it ever occur to you while practicing you have never smelled food?! This is because we knew from the very beginning we had to build a full-proof room that would not allow our neighbors to disrupt our deep breathing, oxygenated practices! Though both restaurants are amazing can you imagine what it would be like to have both (one from each side of us) penetrating the room? Yeah...NO GOOD, suffice to say from DAY ONE we’ve been cleaning the air, killing bacteria, viruses, and stank odors ALL ALONG! Our UV lights and our PLASMA AIR system kill all viruses, we have been told COVID19 is included.

Do you have a plan to close or modify locker rooms and other shared spaces that will be difficult to monitor?

Yes. Both locker rooms are now open and fully functional.

Still have questions?

Do you have a specific question that weren’t answered above? Email us: info@hotyogalosangeles.com